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The [email protected] Method(TM)

The [email protected] Method™ is the companion book to [email protected] The [email protected] Method consists of four steps. As you work through the steps, you are empowered to discover and align with your inspired purpose in your career and in your life. Along the way, you will discover your true self, unveil and release the barriers that get in your way, and learn to show up for yourself and others. The [email protected] Method™ offers techniques and practices to allow you to heal, align with your inspired purpose, and share gifts in the world every day.

Along the way, you will find that by deeply loving yourself and opening your heart, you will tap into your own innate wisdom. This connection to your deepest self will empower you to enjoy unbridled creativity, deeply meaningful relationships, and an abundance of joy at work and at play.

A foundational principle of the [email protected] Method™ is that we live in an interconnected, co-creative universe. Therefore, our paths and destinies are integrally connected with everyone and everything on the planet. Whatever we want to manifest, create, attract, and experience must be desired for the greater good. I believe that as we seek to live an inspired life, we increase the chance that everyone else on the planet will thrive.

The four steps of the [email protected] Method™ follow a logical sequence. However, it may not be a direct path. Think of it more like a spiral. You will consistently progress to a higher level. But as you move through steps two through four, issues may arise that gently (or not so gently) nudge you back to an earlier step for more self-love, self-ownership, or clarity of purpose. Any time you move ahead to a new step and feel stuck or blocked, the [email protected] Method™ will guide you back to the appropriate step with a couple of simple questions. Know that if find yourself going back through each step, you are still progressing…

Step 1: Love All of Yourself

Many of us find it easy to love others but struggle to really love every part of ourselves. And yet if we seek to live an inspired life, we must practice deep self-love and compassion. As we strive to love ourselves, we may experience resistance caused by unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, and past traumas. This step guides you through practices and techniques for getting to a place of deep self-love. NOTE: Because Self-Love is foundational to all healthy actions, reactions, and interactions, this step is a majority of the [email protected] MethodTM.

Step 2: Own Your Superpower

Many of us yearn to step into our power and express our unique gifts. Once you catch a glimpse of your potential, there is no going back. You can no longer hide your light. Discovering and owning your Superpowers is the next step in creating the career of your dreams and the life you were meant to live. This step offers tools and practices that serve to unveil your unique gifts and innate wisdom that the world needs you to share.

Step 3: Visualize Your Inspired Purpose

As we gain more insight into our inspired purpose, we can start to imagine, visualize, and gain clarity around who we want to become or how we want to participate in the world. This step guides you to visualize your inspired purpose based on your Superpower or Superpowers. You create an inspired plan that clarifies how you want to be in the world and builds action steps to move into the world with your inspired purpose.

Step 4: Engage with Your Tribe

Historically, those of us who sought to live an inspired life would spend our lives in a monastery or on a secluded mountain top.  It takes a lot of courage and will power to survive in this world, let alone feel inspired. But as we know, the world needs us to show up fully and share our gifts. We need to shine our light everywhere we go. This includes the workplace. This step offers strategies for finding ways to open your heart, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and enjoy deep connection with your coworkers, your friends, and even yourself. You will learn techniques for finding your inner calm in stressful environments. And you will learn strategies and tools for moving through your fear so you can shine your light, share your authentic self, step into your Inspired Purpose, and engage with your tribe in service to the greater good.

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